Established in 1953, Hangzhou Garden Engineering Company obtained grade I qualification for the construction of ancient building and gardening with the approval of the Construction Ministry in 1989, and the right to engage in foreign business approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economy Cooperation so that it can undertake domestic and foreign projects.

The company is headquartered in Hangzhou, a cultural city with a
long history and attractive scenery well known at home and abroad.
The company inherits and develops the tradition and styles of ancient buildings and gardening arts and makes efforts with exquisite workmanship and technical strength in beautifying West Lake and constructing Hangzhou City. For more than forty years since its establishment, the company has created many elaborate works of ancient buildings and gardens and made contributions to West Lake scenic spots by constructing a natural open landscape with the style unique in the south of the Yangtze River.

With such achievements, It is only natural that the company has enjoyed reputation for a long time. The company has a staff of more than 800, among which are 100 plus professionals including senior engineers, engineers, architects, painters, gardeners and accountants, as well as 250 plus professionals including artificers on
tiling, woodcarving, stone-inscription, brick carving, gardening, rockery-making, greening and painting. The company has set up project departments, branches and designing studios to engage in projects on ancient building, gardening, fountain-making, civil engineering, decorating and designing. It can undertake the construction projects of imitations of ancient buildings and gardens and have the design ability of corresponding projects. It has accumulated rich experience from the construction of West Lake scenic spots and Chinese-style gardens at home and abroad. Since 1975, the company has been undertaking project contracting and labor cooperation in the US, Austrian, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Holland and Hongkong. It will provide quality service to domestic and foreign customers with unique craftsmanship and fine workmanship.

The company undertakes the following operations
1. designing and construction of gardens and imitations of ancient buildings
2. renovation of ancient buildings;
3. designing and construction of cartilage of the south of Yangtze River;
4. indoor and outdoor decoration in Chinese national style and with distinguishing characteristics of gardens.
5. designing and construction of fountains;
6. designing and making of gaily-painted pleasure boats of past dynasties;
7. supply of Chinese calligraphy and painting, stele, couplet hung on the columns of a hall, flowers, bonsais, imitations of ancient furniture, gardening craftwork;
8. international projects, labor and technical cooperation.

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