In the fine and elegant West Lake landscape, scenic spots are designed in the light of local conditions and in accordance with the requirements of overall planning to integrate harmoniously with each other while keeping distinguishing features; hence the appearance of beautiful and elegant West Lake scenic spots as a whole.

West Lake landscape is designed to be the harmonious integration of buildings, flowers, rockeries and landforms. Buildings are built in appropriate sizes, flowers are cultivated in even density; rocks and rockeries are arranged as if they
were naturally formed; landforms are made undulate to avoid the artificial suggestion. Scenic spots are all designed to give a quality suggestive of poetry and painting and every scenic spot looks like a three-dimensional painting and silent poetry satisfying tourists with great enjoyment. Scenic spots are designed with new ideas combined with traditions not only to keep traditional charm but also showcase a modern flavor. 

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Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park Management Committee
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